When you are engaged in your life's Grand Adventure...there may be times when you're full of excitement and energy for your life path, and want the confirmation and acknowledgment of having a Numerology Consultation.
And there may also be times along the way when your goals seem unattainable, your relationships seem at odds with your hopes. You may have lost track of your dreams for yourself - your mind may feel confused and your heart may hurt. In the Hero's Journey, this is the time when you may feel the need for a guide to assist you in finding your solutions along the way of your path.
My intention in sharing this ancient wisdom is to be that guide for you, so that in understanding your chart, you will be reminded of your soul's brilliance and purpose.  Your dreams for yourself will be seen and acknowledged.
My hope is that it will shine a light for you to follow and connect back to yourself; to find your soul's urging toward your heart's desire. I believe that ultimately, as you become fulfilled within yourself, you will use your gifts in service to others. There are people waiting for what you have to share with the world.
And this is what will bring peace to all our lives and hearts.
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