I've always found Numerology to be a wonderful vehicle for understanding and empowering myself and others... a fabulous way to get to know someone better, since everyone wants to hear more about themselves. 

As a teacher, I can pass this gift along, giving my students the same joy and excitement in connecting with and serving others. 

Whereas Astrology may require a lifetime of study to master fully, the basic fundamentals of Numerology can be quickly learned and integrated, thus offering the opportunity to then engage one's intuition, adding 'art' to the 'science' of numbers, and soon allowing the new Numerologist the opportunity to serve themselves and others with this ancient wisdom.

In the coming year, I plan to travel frequently over much of the United States teaching classes, and also offering in-person Numerology consultations. 

I am always available for private teaching locally in the Dallas metroplex, and for personal readings from anywhere by phone: 214-403-4583 to schedule an appointment.

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