Please Note!

The services I provide are those of a guide or coach for spiritual and personal growth. I utilize the tools I have been trained in: Numerology and Life Coaching, as well as trainings I have developed as a result of my own inner and outer experiences. My individual sessions and my workshops are intended for your personal empowerment and self-healing.
I do not represent my services as any form of health care or psychotherapy. I am not a healer or a medical professional. I do not prescribe, diagnose, treat, or cure. The services I offer are not a replacement for licensed medical care or counseling, and do not constitute as medical or legal advice. I cannot guarantee that the changes you desire or the information you seek will happen as the result of working with me. For example, doctors don't guarantee that you will get well; teachers do not guarantee that you will learn; lawyers cannot guarantee that you will win your case. So you can understand why I cannot make a guarantee of any kind. Please keep this in mind as I don't give refunds for my service fees.
When you schedule an appointment with me, or register for one of my workshops, you are signifying your agreement to what is written here.
Thank you. I look forward to our time together, with joyful anticipation!

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