Before our creation, we knew why we wanted to be born...
but life on Earth is complex, and full of mystery, often making us forget our Life's Purpose and what we're all about.

Being reminded of your greatness can inspire you to become
all that you intended for yourself so long ago.

Numerology, based on the numbers of your birthday and the letters of your birth name, has been with us for over 10,000 years. This is the primary tool I use in my consultations, along with my intuitive understanding, to bring a deeper awareness and a remembering of who you are, and what your intention is to fulfill in your lifetime.

Understanding your personal chart can give you valuable insight into your soul's longings and gifts, and reveal the plan you've set forth to experience during your life's adventure... the Hero's Journey.*

*Joseph Campbell was a beloved mythologist, author, teacher, storyteller and scholar who defined The Hero's Journey. He believed in the soul's 'high adventure' and he urged us to follow our bliss. He is one of many who has inspired me greatly in my life. 
Discover the full story of the Hero's Journey and all of his beautiful work through his books and videos you'll find online.
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